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sensitive freight Courier
fragile freight Courier
Sensitive freight should never look anything like this picture to the right
upon arrival. This is often a common occurrence with couriers from
Sydney to Brisbane or Melbourne. Having come from the likes of major
transport carriers who claim to carry sensitive freight, this would be a
very disappointing image to a customer who has eagerly been awaiting
for their freight to arrive via a
courier service who handles sensitive
freight. I have seen, major carriers cause this sort of damage with
interstate freight services. Independent owner drivers running their own
business with their own client base such as our selves don't. It's times like
this you need your own
personal courier
An interstate courier service that delivers freight like this is only because
it is a shared courier service and is often a cheap interstate service.

It has been requested many times from us to attend major carriers
premises to pick up sensitive freight that the carrier for some given
reason could not deliver on time, only to have this freight handed to us
damaged. When freight like this is handed to us, we contact the customer
to advise as is. We don't accept damaged sensitive freight.

We are not in the business of handing damaged freight to our client
base. Let me just say, customers are absolutely ropable when we make
contact with them to inform  them their freight has been delivered
damaged to us by their carrier. We don't accept deliveries such as this
until notification, not even with
after hours services.

In pretty much all cases of deliveries such as this, items of this nature
labelled as such are often most times rather expensive items. Electrical
freight, science equipment, or testing apparatuses are always sensitive
freight. It's a pity most transport providers don't see it this way.
DRS has
been requested to cover such requirements for the purposes of
delivering fragile freight when it just can not simply be trusted to major
carriers. We have covered delivery of sensitive freight such as blood
samples, lab equipment, development plan models for city development  
that cost in the thousands and similar freight that just " HAS" to be
delivered " UNDAMAGED "
back relax and know your sensitive freight is being delivered with care. Our interstate courier services, whether it be Sydney to Brisbane freight
or Melbourne requirements will always be delivered the way it was handed to us. We are a Sydney courier service that provides results

We may not be the cheapest sensitive courier around, but we are not a carrier who throws freight around on a dock or runs over customers
freight with fork lifts and ends up costing you your client or contract because of carrier negligence.

We take great pride in our
sensitive freight service of fragile freight deliveries all in the while of you knowing who your freight is with and in what
vehicle with constant contact with the driver, and not an automated service who treats you like a number.
Interstate Fragile Freight Delivery Sydney To Brisbane
Interstate Fragile Freight Delivery Sydney To Melbourne
delivery's we carry out for one of our
regular clients. Interstate delivery of
city development models worth plus
$100.000 to Melbourne for projected
city development blocks for council.
This is typical of what
we do. This is an
interstate delivery
that just can not be
trusted to the likes of
major transport
companies without
the items turning up
smashed to pieces.
Direct Courier Interstate
Because of the nature of work we cover  for our interstate courier services, our customers through
their support allows for regular maintenance of our vehicles which insures practically no break
downs which guarantees your delivery. Our vehicles are always well kept for optimum running. We
have not had one break down to date yet. It is not all about just charging for our services and not
maintaining our vehicles. Our vehicles are what support our business and our customers delivery
requirements all the time
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